We are a web studioyour.apartner.top
The main directions of our activity are Web-design, Front-end & Back-end development.

We like to create beautiful and useful sites to do interfaces are convenient and accessible to users.

Our portfolio is the result of the work of the whole team. Time, spent on the implementation of web technologies, was not wasted. Our customers are satisfied with the result.



your.apartner.top розробка сайтів на cms wordpress


on any wallet


Business card site for image

from70usd 20usd

Typical design

1 page

5 blocks

5 photos

Personal office

Convenient site management

Sign up for Google

Support (1 month)


Website for business

from150usd 100usd

Typical design

10 pages or headings

10 photos

Feedback form

Personal office

Convenient site management

Sign in to Google

Free domain

Support (2 months)


Online store for the sale of goods

from320usd 270usd

Exclusive design

50 pages or headings

50 photos

Photo Gallery

Feedback form

Personal office

Convenient site management

Sign in to Google

Free domain

Support (3 months)

How we work

development process

  1. You are filling out a BRIEF

    Short document for project initialization

  2. We come to an AGREEMENT

    Based on the brief, we estimate the timing and cost of the project

  3. Getting Started PROTIPING

    Project prototyping - sketches, logic of the site. Discussion of the Terms of Reference

  4. Layout / TEMPLATE design development

    Make a site layout (Photoshop / Figma) or choose template

  5. SITE Development

    Layout and integration on WordPress CMS and also programming necessary functionality

  6. We are making EDITS

    If a discrepancy is found between the vehicle and the result of the work

  7. We send you PROJECT files

    Project files can be transferred to you as an archive (site + database) or flooded with your hosting

  1. We're studying a BRIEF

    It becomes clear to us what needs to be done, why, what goals

  2. You are making a prepayment

    Prepayment 10-20% depending on the volume and complexity project

  3. YOU APPROVE a prototype

    Discussion and editing of sketches. Adjustment of work logic site. Drawing up a technical task

  4. YOU APPROVE the layout / template

    Discuss and make changes to the layout / template

  5. You are checking WORK

    Checking the efficiency of the project and compliance with Terms of Reference


    You pay the cost of the project

  7. We hope you understand

    If during the project additions to blocks, positions follow and things like that - it will affect the cost and time costs


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